2 thousand kilometers rolled. Recife, Catimbau Valley, Petrolina / Juazeiro, Carnaubeira da Penha, Quixaba Village, Recife.

We left, me and yann beauvais, from Recife on 12/07 at 12h according to the receipt note from the Fuel Station where we fuel the car and change the glass wipers.

At 1:00 p.m. King of the coxinhas, in Gravatá.

We made a detour to Buique for a short visit to the Valley of Catimbau, where the artist José Bezerra lives.

It was from Buique that our relatives came. The first to arrive in the region was the Indian Inacio Antônio de Bezerra (TAPINAUÁ) who joined the Indian Clara Nunes. The descendants of the FUNI-Ô Indians are part of the Camilos, which was called Joaquim Gomes de Bezerra. This Indian came straight from Águas Belas straight to Brejo do Gama. Arriving there, he joined with SABUÊKEAKÁ daughter of India SABAÚNA, who does not know if she was the sister of UMÃS.
(Speech Transcript of Beto, Leadership in his Speech to the Village of the Achiever Community)

5:30 p.m. Fuel in Arcoverde

We had dinner at Churrascaria Beiradeiro in Cachoeirinha / Mirandiba. AND,

21h54. We supply the car with ethanol in Cabrobó

From 12 to 16/07: stay in Petrolina.

In Petrolina, we visit family and friends and we learn about some bodies that finance projects in the caatinga, which are all destined for economic exploitation. We note that a zero intervention project, that is, preservation of objectification, does not fit this criterion.

However, we are aware that the Imburan project is part of the São Francisco Hydrographic Bassin. For, Carnaubeira da Penha makes up the Pajeú Basin that flows into São Francisco.

We also collected information about a possible forest engineer to map the population plants and animal varieties that exist on the site of the Imburana Project.


3pm Buying boots 7 leagues for yann, in Petrolina.

18h48. Fuel supply / Petrolina.


12h49. Lunch at Sal Grill in Salgueiro.

2:00 p.m. Fuel supply in Cabrobó.

In Carnaubeira da Penha:

We stayed in Pousada Soraya.

We went to Logger Village, to make up the difference in the service of the East Fence.

On the way to the land, we measured and found that the eastern fence was completed, and that the entrance gate had one of the loose beams, supported by a fork.

We had dinner at the restaurant Sabor do Sertão.

We went to Toré in Quixaba Village. We shoot and recorded new toré songs to try to transcribe.

It's God in heaven
And the caboclo here on earth
It's God in heaven
And the caboclo here on earth

Hi, who can do more?
God in heaven
Hi, who can do more?
God in heaven

Hi, who can do more?
God in heaven

(Torix Letter Transcript from Quixaba, 07/16/16)




2nd visit to the land.

I tied the loose beam of the gate with wire.

Yann made a photo essay for his film.

We measured the terrain.

Redefined the map, the former had the cardinal points changed.

Let's collect garbage on the ground.

We had lunch in the Restaurant of the Contractor who is building the road from Carnaubeira to the Queimadas.

Yann continue a photo essay for his film and made fence measurement.

I mapped recognition points on the ground.

I collected garbage on the ground.

We had dinner at Sabor do Sertão Restaurant.

The difficult thing is to explain to people that you will not do a well, build a farm or plant guava and passion fruit.



I ordered at Goat Fair, Angel, the making and installation of the new vertical gate, which makes it difficult to jump, or tak short cut as path. The land has many cattle faeces and many paths that show that it used to be pasture and passage. Ideally, the woods will recover and close those paths.
Visit to Cousin Sydney to pay for repair of the West fence.

Acquisition of Catioba, Maracá and pipe.

2:00 p.m. Lunch in Arcoverde.

16h28. Ethanol supply in Sairé

5:30 p.m. We arrived in Boa Viagem, Recife

Selection and packaging of garbage collected during shipment

Dispatch report writing