Travelers: Edson Barrus and Diogo Cardoso



_Provisions of tools for travelling, revision and fueling of the car and,

_Definition of tasks to be made out during the trip.



~ 06h. Departure from São Luís Cinema, Recife

6:46. Stop at the Rei da Coxinha, Gravatá

____ Stop at Sanharó to buy groceries

~ 11.30. Meeting with Mestre Manoel, santeiro of Ibimirim.

_Audio recording about the initiative with Imburanas cuttings done by the Association of Santeiros de Ibimirim.

12:18 p.m. Lunch at the São Paulo Restaurant and shopping at the supermarket. Ibimirim

__ Stop over to look at the São Francisco River's transposition. Sertânia.

14h49. Fuel supply in Custody.

_____ Arrival at Carnaubeira, Pousada Samyra.

17h07. Phone recharge. Strolling in the village and encounter with relatives (Sidney, Salete, Tia Nenén).



_ Marquing Imburana at 1m height

Measuring the trunk of imburana


medindo o tronco da imburana

_Clock of Shards

_Garbage collection

_Contact with Mr. Severino to map plants from the land,

_Pictures for the film "Felling No!"

_Going to Mirandiba, BB without $, and lunch.

_Going to João Quirino Farm, borrow $.




_ Mapping plants with Mr. Severino.




29 species, many of which are native and medicinal: Gravatá, Mandicaru, Xique-Xique, Quipá, Labeice, Marmeleiro, Juazeiro, Quixabeira, Aroeira, Cabo de Raposa, Anjico Majola, Pião Brabo, Catingueira, Umbuzeiro, Pau de Bezouro, Bananinha , Faveira, Canafista, Quipebe, Pau de Serrote, Bean Brabo, Cançação, Brauna, Jurema without Espinho, White hawthorn, Imburana de Cambão, Jurema de Espinho, Pau Ferro, Maniçoba.

_ Fence repair

_ Gate repair


_Recording (Diogo) of the markings of the mapped plants,

_Number of marking

_Collection of cuttings for production of seedlings

_Clock of Shards

_Garbage collection



8h. Unsuccessful attempt to pick up $ at the Post Office

___ Departure from Carnaubeira

___ Stop at João Quirino' s farm.

9:35 p.m. Fuel supply, Mirandiba

10h48. Payments and pick up $ at Serra Talhada's BB

___ Retrospective of Mestre Manoel's house in Ibimirim

Purchase of Santa and Tora de imburana,

Acquisition of 2 cuttings of imburana with master Manoel

___ Lunch and return trip

15:55. Fuel in Arcoverde

~ 20h. Arrival in Boa Viagem



_ Imburana cuttings plantation

_Cleaning and Selection of material collected within the ground

_ Book keeping of expenditure

_Travel report